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Opening new headquarters of Aliplast company

| news | Opening new headquarters of Aliplast company

“BAJM” concert, performance of the “One Mime Theatre” of Ireneusz Krosny are just some of the attractions that have graced the inauguration festivities on the occasion of the new seat opening of the Aliplast company. The event took place on 25 September 2009 in Special Economic Zone in Lublin. Meeting was conducted by the actors and announcers: Kevin Aiston and Elizabeth Duda, known from the program "Europa da się lubić".

The event was attended by over 700 guests from Poland and from abroad (customers of the company, suppliers, architects, representatives of business organisations and media). Also the city representatives were among the guests: the City Mayor Adam Wasilewski, the Marshal of Lubelskie Voivodeship Jacek Sobczak, Deputy Mayor Krzysztof Zuk. The Belgian ambassador in Poland, Jan Luykx and his wife also honoured us with their presence.

One of the main points of the program was to visit the new seat of the company: the powder paint shop and an assembly line for profile crimping. Technical department presented the functioning of CNC machines. Companies cooperating with Aliplast also prepared presentations: Orgadata, Sobinco, Dorma, IGP, Glaspol Saint Gobain. Festive part of the event was began by the greeting of all the guests by Mr. John Kidaj, the Chairman of the Company. Also the City Mayor, the Marshal and the Ambassador of Belgium gave short speeches. Marek Salaga, the Sales Director, made a presentation on the history of Aliplast. Afterwards, the guests were invited to a ceremonial dinner, accompanied by a concert of a string quartet Kwartet Lubelski.

High level of the event’s artistic part was assured by the performance of Ireneusz Krosny, who presented a spectacle made of the funniest shorts from his repertoire - "The Best Of". The unquestionable attraction of the evening was the band “BAJM”, which has proven with its concert that they are an undeniable star of the Polish music scene. Show of the bartenders tricks by the group High Fly Fair and excellent music provided by DJ Jacky assured great time until the morning.

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