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Systemy profili aluminiowych dla budownictwa

aliplast - systemy aluminiowe dla budownictwa

The new investments - construction of extrusion line

| news | The new investments - construction of extrusion line

In the last year was finished first part of extension Aliplast’s headquater: a modern office building (1,650 sqm) together with warehouse and factory floors (13k sqm). Constructed in the Europark Mielec economic zone, subzone Lublin, the project ate up vast resources: 55 mln PLN in total. The facilities being completed only last year, their production capacity will hardly meet the growing demand of the market. This year in May the company and the municipal council in Lublin have officially announced the extension of the already existing facilities.  “At first we will enlarge our factory floors by 22k sqm. The production area will thus take up a space of 35k sqm in total. Its annual production capacity of 10k tonnes of ready-made profiles, a brand press will be installed next. Its cost estimated at 35 mln PLN, the line should be operating in June next year. Half a year later we plan to launch a new vertical powder-paint shop, thus spending another 30 mln PLN for the most advanced machinery of this kind in Poland. At the turn of 2012 and 2013 our business is gong to launch yet another press worth 40mln PLN. Hence the final tally tops 100 mln PLN. We have no qualms about spending such a huge amount of money, though, as we know that we do it for the future of our business. There is hardly a better way to meet the fluctuating taste of contemporary clientele – says Mr Kidaj.Aliplast turns out 4,000 of ready-made profiles every year. Only the first press being installed in the newly extended facilities will make the company’s output rise by 2.5 times. The management estimates that the revenue at Aliplast should make approximately 105 mln PLN this year. Upon the completion of the investment in 2014, the business should in turn generate profit of around 400 PLN.

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