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Aluflam 70

  •  AF70 internal and external doors system with fixed glazing, designed as a structure based on aluminium shaped sections with a thermal insert. AF 70 is a system featuring the EI 60 fire resistance class
  • frames, posts and cross-members are made of shaped sections consisting of two aluminium profiles coupled with a fibreglass-reinforced polyamide thermal insert; inner chambers of the shaped sections are filled with the AESTUVER fire-resistant compound based on cement, supplied by Xella from Germany; external surfaces of the aluminium profiles are covered with powder polyester coatings
  • the aluminium profiles with a thermal insert are joined at corners using aluminium corner pieces by crimping in a press or bonding; joints of door posts and cross-members with frame elements are made using T-Type mechanical fasteners by studding
  • rated glass can be used as filling of door leaf frames and fixed (non-openable) glazing

Maximum dimensions and structure type:
- fire-rated external and internal doors (inswing and outswing), for public access facilities, production and storage buildings, maximum dimensions 1250 x 2300 mm (for double door: 2300 x 2300 mm)

- doors as described above, with transom lites, maximum dimensions 1250 x 3100 mm

- fixed (non-openable) glazing with single doors, maximum dimensions 3650 x 3100 mm (for the double door: 4700 x 3100 mm)

- fixed glazing with the maximum dimensions 4200 x 3100 mm (dimensions of fixed glazing can be increased: width by 20%, height by 20 % but up to 21% of the surface area)



depth of frame

depth of leaf

glazing range

type od doors

AF 70

aluminium, poliamid, fire proof  inserts

70 mm

70 mm

43 mm

fix (non-openable), tilt

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