Building System Solutions


Painting lines

Vertical powdercoating lines

Fully automated line for powder coating aluminum profiles with a capacity of 600-800m² per hour,

  • max length of profiles 7500mm, other sizes 200mm x 100mm
  • capacity of 900m² per hour
  • painting color change -  less then 4 minutes (special gun cleaning system)
  • 20 painting pistols per cabin
  • production cycle length from the moment the details are suspended until they are taken off - approx. 4 hours.
  • painting line speed: 1.4 meters per minute
  • Rrevolving oven door
  • chrome-free processing
  • modern and ecological technology
  • Qualicoat

One of the most modern vertical paint lines in Poland

Horizontal powdercoating lines

Fully automated powder coating line for aluminum profiles with a capacity of 360 m² per hour. In addition to a wide range of typical colors from the RAL palette, there is the possibility of painting elements with matte varnish, as well as the use of structural facade paints with increased mechanical strength.

Powdercoating lines dedicated to aluminium accessory

  • horizontal, manual varnishing line
  • chemical treatment dedicated to aluminum castings
  • an automatic manipulator that goes through the entire chemical treatment process
  • state-of-the-art Gema OptiFlex 2Q application (new solution ensuring fast colors during the process painting - 30 seconds)

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