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Production in the Aliplast Group (Aliplast sp. z o.o. and Aliplast Extrusion Sp. z o.o.) is based on environmental responsibility and safety. The concern for the protection of the environment manifests itself in taking care to minimise the impact of the production process on the surroundings. Educating and creating environmental awareness also constitute an important element of the Company’s activity.

Due to the nature of its activities (production of aluminium profiles, powder coating, anodising), the Aliplast Group places particular emphasis on all undertakings aimed at reducing the impact on the natural environment.

This means investments:

  • in energy-saving solutions (the strategy “Energy with Aliplast” - photovoltaics)
  • recycling of aluminium, which is waste in the production and processing: the use of modern technologies adapted to each stage of metal processing, starting from extrusion, pre-treatment, CNC-extended processing, powder coating and anodising, allows for the maximum recovery of post-production aluminium; highly efficient systems of chip extractors in the cutting or machining process and the organisation of storage space for individual groups of waste allow for the effective collection of even the smallest particles of valuable raw material, which then translates into environmentally-friendly processing into a very good quality production material
  • innovative solutions used in the powder coating process: use of a chrome-free system during surface preparation, use of rainwater collected on the roof, use of a powder recovery system in spray booths (reducing the amount of waste generated),

The company’s environmental responsibility also comprises a number of small initiatives: sorting of waste and electro-waste, containers for used batteries, through the electronic circulation of documents at most workplaces, we try to minimise the use of paper and toner, following the slogan “save the planet do not use plastic” we avoid disposable dishes, plastic bottles and containers.

The Aliplast Group takes steps to minimise the negative impact on the environment in all areas of its operations.


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